Some Really Good Movies You Should Watch Without a Miss

There are several good movies that are produced in the Tamil film industry, and some of them are even considered the best South Indian movies made. If you are a lover of Tamil movies and want to watch the best movies, you need to know about some movies that you cannot miss.

There are movies such as BhamaKalapam, Kathir and many others that you cannot afford to miss. In this specific guide, you will learn more about these movies in detail, which will make you realize why you should not miss them.

South Movies That You Cannot Afford to Miss

Some of the top movies that you cannot afford to miss are as follows:


This is one of the latest South movies that the audience and critics have heavily praised. The director of this movie is AbhimanyuTadimeti, and the music directors are Mark K Robin and Justin Prabhakaran. The movie is unique as it is about the life of a woman who is also a YouTuber. The cast includes ShanthiRao, Priyamani, SharanyaPradeep and many more.

The story revolves around Anupama Mohan, a successful Youtuber and a homemaker known for her culinary skills. She often has a great interest in the lives of people, and one day, she visits the house of a couple who are always arguing and ends up in a murder case. Soon, she is troubled by gangsters, and there is also a murder attempt.


This is a Tamil movie released in 2022, directed by DhineshPalanivel and stars Santosh Pratap, VenkateshAppadurai, BhavyaTrikha and more. Many people consider this as one of the best South Indian movies,and there are reasons why. The plot of this movie is not only simple but also entertaining.

The movie begins with Kathir (VenkateshAnnadurai), an engineering graduate who leaves his hometown after having an argument with his father. He visits Chennai in search of a job but as he is not good in English, getting a job in the IT industry becomes difficult for him. Soon, he meets an old woman with a great personality, and they both become inspired by each other.

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